Slate and Cedar are Eco-Friendly Roofing Choices in Toronto

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There’s nothing messier than getting a new roof. But once your roofer has carefully cleared away the litter of old shingles and wood, you can congratulate yourself on something unexpected: you’ve just engaged in some eco-friendly roofing in Toronto.

That’s because a healthy roof is good for the environment. The better your home heating or cooling costs are controlled, the lower your energy consumption.

The materials used in roofing can also be eco-friendly. Asphalt shingles can be recycled. Cedar shingles and shakes are extremely durable and are made from a renewable resource. Cedar also boats excellent thermal insulation. Slate roofing can last more than a lifetime and is sometimes called the “100 Year Tile”. After a century it can be recycled!

There is also cutting-edge eco-roofing made of recycled materials, energy efficient created solar panels and solar shingles.

A responsible roofing company will not only clean up after itself, but protect your shrubbery and plants from damage during the shingling process.
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Eco-Friendly Roofing – Think Cedar

There are a number of reasons to consider cedar as your roofing choice for eco friendly roofing in Toronto. To start with, cedar is a long-lasting material; shingles can last a decade longer than common roofing materials. Cedar shakes have double the lifespan of cedar shingles.
Cedar is a renewable resource. Western red cedar is exceptionally strong. It also has thermal insulation properties that keeps temperatures inside a building cooler in summer and helps it retain warmth in the winter, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Slate Is Another Eco-Friendly Choice

The most durable roofing material is slate. It can last a century before replacing – that lifespan alone makes it worth its higher initial cost. Slate’s protective qualities have enabled many heritage buildings to retain their structural integrity and avoid expensive repairs.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Roof "Healthy” – and Has Environmental Benefits

A well-maintained roof will bring ecological benefits too – both in keeping its energy-saving qualities at their peak and allowing it to live its maximum life before replacement. Cedar requires regular maintenance to protect from moss, mold and mildew. An expert roofer can provide the kind of upkeep and periodic inspection that will enable your roof to keep its ecological peak form.


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